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Preparing The Sword Knot. Black Leather Ribbon Knot.

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The second larger part of the knot cord with bullion and blue ovoid end was fed through the Becket and the sword knot hole and tied around the guard in a figure 8 knot with the bullion ovoid hanging.

How to tie a navy sword knot. I think it would be best to ensure you get the right instructions for your particular situation. How to Tie Royal Navy Sword Knots Not many of the people are aware of sword knot terminology as in what is its purpose and why we use it. For the Navy Officer sword.

The other immediately above the large end of the knot. One keeper will be drawn taut immediately below the pommel. 01202 302 846 www.

Attach the rings of the belt to the top and bottom rings of the scabbard. The sword knot will be attached to the sword at all times. The length should be suspended.

The sword knot began existence as a simple cord which was attached to the hilt of the sword of mounted soldiers. Start with a Navy sword belt. The knot is in fact a loop of leather or other material secured to the sword hilt.

This knot is worn with the US Navy US Coast Guard US Public Health Service and NOAA Commissioned Corps swords. Coast Guard Officer Swords. A Navy sword knot may be added to the handle for decoration.

Royal Navy officer pattern Napoleonic 6500US 6800CAN KNT017 This sword knot was illustrated in a portrait of Rear Admiral Thomas Troubridge in 1805. Navy and Coast Guard Sword Knot consists of a loop of 12 inch gold lace 24 inches long with slide and tassel. The sword knot is simply looped onto the top end of the narrow part of the guard and left to dangle if you are a cavalryman or an infantry field officer or the adj.

Step by step instructions on how to correctly attach a sword knot to the US. While long time sword collectors have knowledge of various sword knots some visitors who read these pages may not. Step 2 Once you have covered a turn around the sword then pass the sword knot through and then adjust the lace.

When you tie these darn things tie the top first but then slide it to a position in the middle of the grip to give you the slack to complete the remainder of the wrap. Less exalted infantry officers wrap the strap around the guard as many times as possible and the acorn part then sticks out forrard from beneath the little finger when in the carry swords position. The 1827 Pattern Royal Navy Officers SwordBuying and selling antique swords – httpwwwantique-swordscouk.

From 1827 on was used both with the second cord system seen in KNT020 and without it. This was unhooked and fed through the two holes in the base of the guard up to the sword knot slit and then pulled through and joined. The knot is attached to the sword by passing the small end through the eye in the pommel and securing it to the hook above the large end of the knot.

We can supply Infantry Officers Sword RAF Sword Naval Swords1912 Cavalry Sword AAC Swords Royal Artillery SwordsMade by WKC in Germany using WIlkinson Dies. Before an engagement the swordsman wraps the loop around his wrist to prevent loss of the sword should he need to relax his grip to control his horse for example or if. Step 1 Hold the blade handle and then pass the knot through it in the guard of the hilt.

Royal Navy 1800-1890 Cord Knot detail OUT OF STOCK KNT018 used unofficially from 1800. Sword Knot Royal Navy Sword Knot Gold Blue Lord Nelson Officer Sword Knot R1704. Gentlemen I collect sword accouterments in addition to the swords themselves and I thought I might start a thread on sword knots.

The royal navy sword knots are a kind of ribbon or tassel you can say which is found at the side of the sword hilt hilt is a handle of a sword which consists of a guard grip and pommel. Any one can tie up a tassel knot in sword by watching it its in navy styleDont forget to like this plz. As with the cord the knot too can vary in length and diameter.

Then slide that first section of the cord up to the pommel area of the dagger where it belongs. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Unfortunately I can only coach you on a naval officers sword not essentially a figure-eight knot around the lower part of the basket.

I believe that swords knots vary from branch to branch regiment to regiment service to service etc. Step 3 You can take more turns as.

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