How To Tie A Harp String Knot

Using the length of string coming out thecorrect string hole in the soundboard andback of the harp make two underhand loopspulling about 8 of string out the back of theMake the one closer to the back of the harpharplarger than the other. The red arrow indicates the path that the tie takes.

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Then slip the string below the tuning pin and between the wooden neck.

How to tie a harp string knot. Start by threading your harps replacement string through the hole on the soundboard. If the new string does not come with one then you can cut your own from a thick gut string. It should go in through the soundboard and be pulled right out through the back.

Tie a loose standard knot leaving about ½ to ¾ of string sticking out beyond the knot. Harp String Knot. Tying the Harp Knot.

Follow the instructions and practice. These have gauges like 025-040. Master harp maker Allan Shiers if Teifi Harps guides you through the process of tying a knot in a harp string – one of the trickiest stages of changing a har.

If youre not sure how to do this we recommend you watch a video with a clear example. Behind the harp thread the string through the hole it should be going straight up past the center of the lever and through the hole in the tuning pin and pull it back towards you. The best way to securely tie a harp string is with a bowline knot.

Our Harp String Installation Guide is essential because learning to tie the harp string knot is something that you need to do. Pull the long end of the string to tighten it around the toggle. Insert an anchor through the knot its a pencil in the video but you can use a small piece of relatively thick old harp string.

What if I have no strings. One thing you can do is before you tie your end knot thread the string through the soundboard hole from the front of your soundboard. The technique shown in this video applies to the first second and third octaves and the zero octave F and G strings at the top of some harps.

Monofilament Nylon Harp String. Start by pushing the string through the2. This is the cinch thatwill hold the knot together.

For these octaves its important to use some kind of anchor that is thicker than the string youre using to insure that the string knot doesnt pull into the hole and get stuck there. Amy from our VA Showroom demonstrates how to tie some basic harp knots with and without a string anchor. These are the thinner strings on your har.

Start with a piece of 032 or something light. You will be pushing the string toward the front of the harp now. Bring it up between the tuning pin youre stringing and the tuning pin of the string one note below and pull it out away from the harp.

In the case above unless you live in a town with a harp shop youd better learn to play Happy Birthday in another key that doesnt use middle C. This video is about How to Tie a Harp String and demonstrates the Simple Knot Loop Method Learning to tie a harp string is part of the process of chang. For this you will need your new string and a string anchor.

May 1 2021 Leave a Comment This post will outline how to tie a harp string knot in 4 simple steps. When youre replacing the highest strings you may have noticed that it is difficult to find the string hole from inside the sound box. Then slip the string below the tuning pin and between the wooden neck of the harp and the string you just threaded up through the tuning pin.

It may look complicated but its not. TYING THE HARP STRING KNOT A1 A2 A3 A4 ALTERNATIVE HARP KNOT B1. More videos and tutorials to come soon so stay tun.

For thin top strings some harp makers tie a simple square knot slip in the anchor then tie another square knot. Slide the toggle into the knot lining it up parallel with the string end. Once its in pull to tighten the knot and you are done.

This video will demonstrate how to tie a knot for the upper strings on your harp. Karen Rokos demonstrates how to tie a harp string knot during her Harp Maintenance Workshop for the Upstate SC chapter of the American Harp Society Inc on.

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